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Goodbye 2012

I'm sitting by a crackling fire at my aunt and uncle's house in New Jersey and we're just a couple hours into the new year, which means that it's a perfect time to review the year and look forward.

If I were to title my year, I'd call it the year I got serious. Something interesting happened near the end of 2011-- I realized that I wasn't actually on track for a lot of my goals, that I was going to have to actually get serious about stuff, and that this seriousness had to come in the form of action, not talk. I ended 2011 with a few months of solid productivity under my belt, and a year-end post that optimistically predicted a productive year.

I'm happy to say that the productive year materialized, and that my focus on getting serious has intensified.

When I was young, maybe third grade or so, a psychologist did a study at my middle school. We answered some questions and were offered two choices: a small prize now or a large prize later. I took the small prize now. I think knew it was the wrong move at the time, but the pack of stickers on the table looked like a lot of fun. Later on the big prizes were given to the waiters in such a way that I was able to see what they got. Sure enough, their prizes were a lot better and my stickers were long gone.

2013....Finding myself

On Striving For Happiness

Another year went by. Wow. Once again I changed my life goals and plans more than a dozen times. This year I learned a lot about myself and struggled to find who I am. After being purged from my fraternity I lost a large chunk of who I thought I was. Most of my free time was spent on the fraternity, so once it was removed I was kind of just left to my own devices. In addition, I was evicted from my house at around the same time which forced me to live on campus by myself. I no longer had friends around me all the time and I became a bit of a hermit for a whole semester. I spent nearly all my time with my girlfriend Lisa. Looking back, I feel sad I took myself so seriously. I sacrificed too much time playing poker and missed out on many opportunities to enjoy my youth. Sacrificing all that time playing poker would have made sense if I worked harder at becoming better, but I didn’t.

I recovered my health from previous bad choices this year…somewhat. I’m a much better poker player at this date than last year, however everyone else is a lot better too. I tried to breakup with Lisa 4 times before I finally pulled the trigger. I visited over a dozen new countries and over 30 new cities. I spent around 1,200 hour at the casino this year and had wild swings. I thought I was going to become the best poker player and earn $100+/hr many times and I also thought I was going to go broke many times lol.

I’m most proud of overcoming my social anxieties this year through pickup.I’ve always wanted to try “cold approach” but honestly never had the balls to do it. This year I did. I mostly partook in drunken pickup in Europe during my 57 day Euro tour, but after I came back and choded around at the casino for a couple of months I took some action and am leaps better than where I was. I am definitely most proud of my success in this area.I’m no don juan by any means, but I grew by 200% or 300% in this area.

Lots of good moments this year:

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