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Goodbye 2012

I'm sitting by a crackling fire at my aunt and uncle's house in New Jersey and we're just a couple hours into the new year, which means that it's a perfect time to review the year and look forward.

If I were to title my year, I'd call it the year I got serious. Something interesting happened near the end of 2011-- I realized that I wasn't actually on track for a lot of my goals, that I was going to have to actually get serious about stuff, and that this seriousness had to come in the form of action, not talk. I ended 2011 with a few months of solid productivity under my belt, and a year-end post that optimistically predicted a productive year.

I'm happy to say that the productive year materialized, and that my focus on getting serious has intensified.

When I was young, maybe third grade or so, a psychologist did a study at my middle school. We answered some questions and were offered two choices: a small prize now or a large prize later. I took the small prize now. I think knew it was the wrong move at the time, but the pack of stickers on the table looked like a lot of fun. Later on the big prizes were given to the waiters in such a way that I was able to see what they got. Sure enough, their prizes were a lot better and my stickers were long gone.

Exciting Announcement(s) for my Plans in 2015

On Musings of a Dick

2014 was a bit of a strange transition year for Dick Talens.

In March, I left the company that I spent almost every waking hour of the day working on since starting it in 2011. Part of the reason that I left is realizing that I've spent my mid-to-late 20's glued to a chair and monitor. After that, I spent the year traveling, drinking, chasing tail, and building up my coaching business to the point where I could earn a six-figure living if I just did that fulltime on my own.

As you can see above, I chased way too much tail this year.

With that being said, I will no longer be part of the fitness industry on a fulltime basis. While I do love coaching, writing, and devoting a chunk of my time to helping people with fitness, it's going to be more of a hobby/pet passion of mine for the time being.

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