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The Risks I Take

A couple people recently have asked about the risks I take. On one hand, as they point out, I play it extremely safe by eating healthy foods and abstaining from alcohol and drugs. On the other hand, I climb construction cranes and go skydiving. Isn't this a contradiction?

It isn't - at least in my "eccentric" way of thinking. The difference is that one type of risk is an incidental risk, and the other is a sustained risk. I'm not really concerned with how dangerous a particular activity is. I know that jumping onto a moving freight train is more dangerous than eating a cookie. I'm worried on the "expected value" of the event. In other words, the average harm per hour times the amount of hours I'll be doing the activity.

If I climb a radio tower, there's a very small chance that I'll kill myself doing so. I don't mind taking that risk, though, because I'm only going to spend a total of ten hours or so doing it in my entire life. The odds probably won't catch up with me.

My New Writing Process

On No Status Quo

After reading Tynan's post about his writing process, I was surprised that most of his posts were written in less than 25 minutes. Wow. In case you don't know, Tynan is an excellent blogger and most of his posts are more than 800 words long.

My average post takes me more than an hour to write, and I'm nowhere near as good at the moment. There's is clearly a lot of room for improvement. This is the first time I'm regularly writing a blog (or anything for that matter), which partially explains why it takes me so long to write my posts.

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