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The Peg System: How to Memorize Lists of Ten in Twenty Seconds

I first learned about the peg system through pickup. The idea was simple: rather than bore a girl with dumb stories about work and parties like every other guy, you teach her an interesting skill. The next day the one guy she remembers is the one who stood out and taught her something.

And they say romance is dead.

One such example is the peg system, a quick and dirty way to memorize lists of ten items in about twenty seconds. The way it goes is this: the girl writes down a list of ten items, you memorize it almost instantly, prove that you have it memorized, and then teach her how to do it. If you're particularly crafty, you show off the skill and then tell her you'll teach her next time you see her. (This backfires when Mystery happens to meet the same girl the next day and teaches her the same thing... but I digress...)

How I Read

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I was a pretty good reader as a kid. My mom recounts me sitting in the corner reading in pre-school instead of doing whatever other pre-schoolers did. In Kindergarten, I was praised for reading more books than any other kid. Throughout the elementary school summers, I dominated the summer reading programs in all the neighboring cities.

Eventually, I started to realize that all of these books are the same. Sometime when I was 10, I started to realize every book seemed to be about some derpy kid who eventually overcame his fears and saved the world, or at least his friend group.

I had the intellectual ability to read YA and adult books at the time, but not the emotional maturity. So, I hit a standstill.

Time passes on, I get into Classics (aka: any title whose name being uttered made me sound smart). I got a Kindle and subsequently got into Indie trash, at one point reading one book per day. Then the Kindle broke and I had no clue what to do.

I went through a massive overhaul on how I thought about reading, which leads us to how I read today.

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