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Six Books that will Change Your Life

I enjoy reading but I it's difficult to find really great books to read. Here are six non-fiction books that have had a big impact on my life. You should definitely buy them, read them, and have your life changed too. Don't worry if they don't address issues that you care about - simply reading them will make you care.

How it changed my life : I stopped eating sugar, flour, bad fats, and other things like that.

I just read this one two days ago and now I've gone vegan. It represents the largest and most comprehensive study of human nutrition and disease ever, and the findings are incredible. If you read this you will want to be vegan. Don't be scared off, thinking, "I love meat, I don't want to change!". The information is there and it makes you not WANT
to eat meat.

Your Focus of Attention

On Mental Models

Your attention is limited. What you place in your immediate attention will occupy much of your thoughts and time. Manage this wisely.

For me, managing my attention is an integral part of building systems into my life that guide me to do what I want to do. A classic examples:

Now you could of course own a TV, put it in your kitchen, and every day decide to not watch TV at all. But that's a decision you're going to have to make every day. If your goal is to spend your time on other things than watching TV, getting rid of your TV is low-hanging fruit in Moments of Clarity.

Imagine your attention as a limited two-dimensional space, like your desk or your computer screen. Both are great metaphors, because at least during work, desks and computer screens are almost equivalent to attention for many people. At my job, everything happens on the computer screen in front of me - so it matters a lot how I manage the things on it.

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